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It might not be a total surprise to know that teeth whitening is the number one procedure in America today, offered by the most dental practices and utilized by the most number of patients in the country. Many have gone through with the procedure by now. If you haven’t, you may still be considering a teeth whitening procedure because you’re looking for dramatic whitening experience that over-the-counter remedies simply cannot faithfully and reliably provide.

Still, when performed by a pro, a teeth whitening procedure is a fantastic way to reinvigorate a smile compromised by discoloration. But it’s important to get a professional, in-office teeth whitening for a number of reasons.

When you enlist the services of an oral health professional, you’ll get the fastest and most reliable results possible. Many over-the-counter whitening kits have harsh chemicals and faulty apparatuses that mistakenly spread the whitening agent into areas of the mouth it doesn’t belong. Coming to Artisan Dentistry for a teeth whitening procedure is the safest form of bleaching.

If you’re experiencing gum or tooth sensitivity, this is all the more reason to come into the office. We use thicker peroxide gels and utilize desensitizers so that the patient experiences as little discomfort as possible.


While home-use systems incorporate dose levels of varying degrees (when it comes to bleaching agents, that is), our in-office whitening procedure is performed under the carefully monitored conditions only a professional dental practice can provide. We always strive for safe, pain-free, targeted execution and application when it comes to our relatively high concentration bleaching gels. Our methods get our patients results immediately.


Patients who benefit the most from our teeth whitening procedure are those who experience tooth aging or tooth darkening (whether that be yellow, brown, gray, or even green — due to eating/brushing habits as well as heredity).

Yellowed teeth tend to respond the quickest and most notably when it comes to the teeth whitening procedure.

Coffee, red wine, and soda drinkers stand to benefit from this non-invasive cosmetic dental procedure, as well as those who consume dark-colored vegetables, fruits, and those who engage in tobacco use.


Contact Artisan Dentistry today to schedule your initial consultation. At Artisan, it is our goal to become your forever dentist. We serve entire families, providing expert oral health services in Sacramento, including teeth whitening procedures. We’d like to get started on your new smile today!

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