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There are a host of things you might not know about endodontics and what lies therein. Artisan Dentistry provides all-encompassing oral health treatments that include endodontics. The truth is, Endodontics is one of the 9 specialty areas in dentistry that are recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA). It derives its names from two Greek words: Endo (inside) and odont (tooth).

The study and practice of endodontics in Sacramento focuses exclusively on all issues affecting dental pulp. Dental pulp is the inner part of a tooth and is composed of living connective tissue and cells.

Running through the dental pulp are hollow spaces known as root canals. To give you an idea, the space inside these canals are smaller than the president’s ear on a penny or time. Because of the difficulty of working inside these tiny structures, special training is required to become an endodontist.

While all endodontists are dentists, only 3% of dentists are endodontists!

The most common endodontic treatment is the root canal procedure. It is estimated by the American Association of Endodontics that each year over 15-million people in the United States have had a root canal. But endodontics is much more than just performing root canals.

Still, when performed by a pro, a teeth whitening procedure is a fantastic way to reinvigorate a smile compromised by discoloration. But it’s important to get a professional, in-office teeth whitening for a number of reasons.

When you enlist the services of an oral health professional, you’ll get the fastest and most reliable results possible. Many over-the-counter whitening kits have harsh chemicals and faulty apparatuses that mistakenly spread the whitening agent into areas of the mouth it doesn’t belong. Coming to Artisan Dentistry for a teeth whitening procedure is the safest form of bleaching.

If you’re experiencing gum or tooth sensitivity, this is all the more reason to come into the office. We use thicker peroxide gels and utilize desensitizers so that the patient experiences as little discomfort as possible.


Endodontic treatment focuses exclusively on matters inside a tooth: diagnosing tooth pain, performing root canals, and surgical interventions to save teeth after traumatic dental injuries. Endodontists are highly trained specialists who dedicate their time to diagnosing and treating tooth pain.


To become an endodontist, a candidate must first graduate from an accredited dental school, and then successfully complete 2-3 years of postgraduate training in endodontics. While completing their postgraduate training, endodontic students study root canal procedures in greater depth, and learn advanced techniques for diagnosing and treating facial and oral pain. Because of their extensive training, many general dentists choose to refer patients with complex dental health issues to an endodontist.


Our endodontics specialists use state-of-the-art dental technology in order to treat our patients comfortably and efficiently. That might mean digital radiographs and 3-D imaging which allow us to take detailed pictures of tiny tooth anatomy to better see the root canals and any related infections, or even ultrasonic instruments.

We also utilize fiber optics and dental microscopes to see inside tiny root canals. We use specialized techniques to ensure patients are thoroughly comfortable during their treatments, specializing in treating patients who traditionally have problems in the dentist’s chair.

Artisan Dentistry specializes in saving teeth. By helping you keep your natural teeth, you are spared additional interventions such as dental implants, bridges, or dentures. After endodontic treatment is complete, you can enjoy a restored healthy, happy smile.

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